Saturday, March 1, 2008

You Look, um... Great?

There have been about a trillion reality shows that have zipped past the rage-a-holic radar without even making a blip, but when a show registers, It's time to fall deeply, madly in love.

Such was the case with a little show on the (now defunct) WB. High School Reunion!

For anyone who's never seen the show, let me give you the run down. They select a high-school, look at the graduating class from 10 years prior, choose "archetype" characters - i.e. the prom queen, the class clown, the cool guy, the fat girl (these are all actual designations from previous seasons) and then put them all together at a mansion in Hawaii for a week.

The show concentrates on single (read unmarried) classmates and often bring together couples who were crazy about each other in school, or maybe just had a crazy crush on one of their classmates. The show's specialty has been to cast high school sweethearts who married young and have since divorced - DRAMA. Stir in a ton of free booze and you have the making of one hell of a show.

They go on day trips together, sometimes in a large group, but more often segregated by gender to bond and gossip. And every once in a while someone gets a "Hall Pass" where they get to go have a one-on-one excursion with someone else from the house. Usually the hall passes involve an activity, a private dining room, huge amounts of booze and a secluded overnight cabin. Boy + girl + booze - inhibitions = great TV!

It always amazed me that, no matter how accomplished the participants had been since high school, or how much they'd changed, once they all get together they would completely revert to 17 year olds including huge amounts of drama, squabbling and gossip. That being said, it really is a sweet show. I have spoken about how much I loved it ever since it's cancellation (it ran from 2003-2005). Thank you, TV Land, for having the wisdom to bring it back. The premiere will be on March 5th dates and I will be blogging that, and every, episode. NEW TWIST - this season will reunite the classmates of J.J. Pearce High School in Dallas, Texas who haven't seen each other in 20 years! Here's to the class of 1987!
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