Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Geeks are all the Rage - Week 2

Last night's episode "Raps, Rhymes and Geeks" began with the announcement that both teams would be competing in a talent contest, on stage and in front of a large studio audience, who would vote for the team that did the best job. Both teams were told to create 10 minutes of material and were encouraged to look beyond the stereotypes of what a beauty and/or a geek is. The ladies couldn't seem to agree on anything, and decided very quickly that they should rely on their beauty - but geek it up a little. The result was skanky schoolgirl outfits (but one of the beauties had tape on her glasses, so I guess she took the task pretty seriously). The geeks decided they should show their hip (hop) side by staging a showcase of their various individual talents.

Following the initial planning by both teams, the producers focused mainly on the Beauties as they (while backstage at the theater) were still trying to put together a routine. It was painful!

In the interest of full disclosure I should point out that I am incredibly uncomfortable watching amateurs perform on TV - I get very embarrassed on their behalf and often avert my eyes and chant "oh my God, oh my God, oh my God" until it's over. This is why I have never been able to watch American Idol (the auditions are brutal) or Ellen when she has audience members dance with her.

It was only my dedication to you, the Rage-rs, that forced me to watch the Beauties routine, so I could report accurately. They were a total mess from the get-go and by the time they had finished with their "planned" routine there was still over three minutes remaining on the clock. They then began flailing wildly (some doing the robot, some the sprinkler) which irked Kristina to no end (she complained in the confessional that a lot of the girls were doing the sprinkler incorrectly) - it was hilarious, mostly because you got a glimpse of how geeky the Beauties can really be. By the time the clock had run out, the audience was booing and chanting "Geeks, Geeks, Geeks, Geeks". Brutal.

The geeks performance started with Matt and Jason (shirtless and INCREDIBLY buff) coming alone onto the stage, the premise being that Matt had a poem written on a 20 foot length of parchment, then Jason started rapping (though I couldn't really make out the words due to the fact that Joey B and I were discussing his "out of nowhere" physique) and then the rest of the geeks came out. Those who could did various dance moves, including a pretty impressive performance by Greg who remarked afterwards that he has no fear about going on stage which is odd because he's so socially awkward. Jonathan did a Velociraptor impression (a la Jim Carey) that was cringe inducing, but kind of charming because the other geeks got such a kick out of it. Tommy (sigh!) did a stand up routine about all the comments he gets about being tall, and does he play basketball, "Do I walk up to people and say, wow, you're really fat. Do you Sumo? Because with that body, I mean..."

In the end the audience voted overwhelmingly for the Geeks and they were tasked with choosing 5 Beauties to send to the elimination ceremony. Back at the house that evening, some of the Geeks stayed inside, helping the girls study, while others took a relaxing dip in the hot tub. Some of the girls who were inside tried to create drama by implying that Leticia was manipulating the geeks to ensure that they wouldn't put her up for elimination. Joey B and I were outraged by the implication.

The next day the Geeks gathered to decide who to send home, and ran the meeting using Roberts Rules of Order which resulted in over 10 motions being passed before they even got to discussing who to send packing.

When the nominations were announced at the "staircase ceremony" Amber got angry that Leticia hadn't been nominated (while she, herself, had) which led to a Geek smack-down by Joe who said, straight out, that the Geeks had discussed it and they didn't believe that Leticia was trying to manipulate them, but that Amber obviously had been by making the accusation. Go Joe!

Ultimately, Amber choked big-time in the elimination and got sent packing. Of all the beauties, I believe she had the most unattractive personality, so sayonara, byatch!

Next week's episode focuses on a tag football game (Beauties vs. Geeks) that quickly devolves into full contact. Tune in next week to see it for yourselves, but if you miss it - no worries. I've got your back.

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