Friday, November 27, 2009

The New Days of Disco

Joey B, Ianovich and I are flying out tomorrow afternoon for the annual pilgrimage to Buffalo NY for the world's Largest Disco.

My wonderful friend Anne entertains us all every year with her rants brought on by people who come to the disco in outfits not representative of the disco era (or even of the 70s). Here's Anne's advice for all you disco lovers:

Anne`s Guide to Disco

When attending and event as large as the World`s Largest Disco one must come prepared. This guide will help the masses prepare for the event and make sure that they are not stepping on the boundaries of various era as well as not piss me off with their choice of apparel.

When beginning the journey to transcend into disconess, one must know the true meaning of disco.

Disco was a popular dance music, especially in the late 1970`s, characterized by strong repetitive bass rhythms. Discothèque comes from the French language meaning “record library”. This was then shortened to disco and used to described music, dance and fashion.

Disco Fashion

Please be aware that psychedelic miniskirts and white boots were not part of disco fashion. These are the garb worn by go-go dancers in the 60`s. Disco fashion was much more sophisticated and glamorous. If you would like to flip your hair, wear a headband and flash a peace sign at every opportunity, please choose another venue. The disco is not the place to come with your mixed up ideas of disco. When someone truly has the essence of disco thoughts of polyester suits, Kaftan dresses, flared trousers, platform shoes and catsuits should come to mind. There was also no shortage of sequins. If in doubt check out this website:

Disco music and moves

Signature dance moves for anyone who loves the night life and wants to boogie can take cues from the most infamous disco goer, Tony Manero. Tony Manero is the character played by John Travolta in the 1977 classic “Saturday Night Fever”. He had moves that made the ladies crazy. If you want the same effect, practice the Hustle. It`s a classic and easy to do. Take notes and dance along to Saturday Night Fever, rent it, watch it, and be it.

These tips and techniques are here to help guide you through your disco experience. Remember, it may be easy to pick up a miniskirt and a fringed vest but when you choose to be a hippie for a disco party you are not only hurting yourself, your also hurting my patience. In closing I would also like to indicate that if you show up in any Cyndi Lauper garb then you are seriously mistaken your eras and shouldn`t be there because you are most likely not old enough to consume alcohol (I’m just saying).