Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hillraisers Invade Indiana

Last night, Joe O and I drove to East Chicago, Indiana to attend a Hillary Clinton rally. The time-line for the event was 5 - 8 pm but, wanting to ensure proper placement, we left Chicago at a little after three. Once we arrived and found parking we had to "sign in" at the event and then stand in 1 of 2 lines, waiting for the doors to open (as the sky darkened ominously).
With nothing else to do but stand around Joe and I began scanning the crowd for cute boys. Joe was fond of this one in particular:

Eventually the line began moving and we made our way inside. One of the event coordinators told me that we'd have the best view of her, not on the floor, but in the stands. This would have been true if they hadn't handed out a trillion Hillary for President signs that everyone held up (blocking my camera) everytime she turned in our direction. But I digress.

Once we took our seats we had a lot of time to kill, so I thought I'd take a chance to do some style commentary, for those of you not familiar with the people of Indiana.
I had to zoom in from across the room, so I'm not sure if you get the full appeal of this lady's outfit. It was a gold, sequined and may have been responsible for three reported cases of temporary blindness experienced in her area. We figured that she thought she was attending a Neil Diamond concert.

This dude was sporting, what I can only assume, is an Indiana metrosexual outfit. A dress shirt, tie (and even cuff-links) paired with black jeans and awful shoes. The true Metro sign is the strong evidence of tanning bed exposure.

This guy was my personal favorite. I actually loved the shirt/suspender combo. He lost me on the camo hat but he was so adorable that I had to forgive him. My affection may have something to do with the fact that he looked like Bubbles from "Trailer Park Boys".

Finally, at little after 8, Hillary arrived and spoke for 30 minutes about the current state of this country and why the people of America should "hire" her to lead them. My favorite line was when she said that "some people don't want a return to the Clinton years" and she said, "what exactly did you have a problem with? The peace or the prosperity?" Check out this short movie I made, and please visit the official Hillary Clinton website for more information about her campaign and how you can help.

I truly believe this to be one of the most important elections in US history. You may not agree with me politically, but however you feel, please get active, get registered and vote this fall... unless you're a republican.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Lars and the Real Hottub

Tonight I was fortunate enough to attend Lara & John's joint birthday party at their lovely Welland home. They had a hot tub brought in for the occasion, there was karaoke (though a malfunction prevented much singing) and there were jello shots of many flavors. It was, by any standard, a great time.

Highlights of the evening include:

A group of punk ass kids playing basketball in the streets, while listening to obnoxious music through the open back door of a circa 1980s white cube van. They were pretty harmless, except that Ann ended up moving her car when she mistakenly thought that they were telling her to.

Lara's Axl Rose impression.

re-discovered NKOTB tape, which prompted childhood reminiscences (and a brief dance routine.)

Delicious food (including "Rose City Pizza.")

Lara in a bikini!

Who could ask for anything more?

Pimping is all the rage

This afternoon, I had lunch with my oldest friend, Julie C.

By oldest, I mean that we have know each other since we were 2. We shared a pretty wonderful childhood in the Heritage district (in northern Niagara Falls) that involved roller skating, choreographing dances to the "Footloose" soundtrack and playing He-man in our backyards. She is funny, genuine, a world traveler and never, ever boring. She's also single.

Let's do something to change that, if you know of a great single guy in the Niagara region, let me know and maybe we can create out first ever rage-a-holic love connection. Stranger things have happened.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Madness with Mouse

After Natalie's fantastic gymnastics standing, we went to collect Charlie at school and then retired to Chateau Margot for an evening of delicious food, cocktails and handstands, Here are a few pictures I snapped:

*click to enlarge*

KRAGE Sports Centre - Breaking News

This is Sporty McCaster reporting live from the District School Board of Niagara regional gymnastic finals. The scene is typical of a middle school sporting event - various teenage "helpers" are flirting with the representative from St Johns Ambulance while young girls in multicolored leotards flit about the gym giggling and, occasionally, performing gymnastics.

Heavily favored in her division, Natalie Bergenstein took a second to sit down with us before her routine. (You'll notice that I was so excited to speak with her that I kept asking questions about her music, despite the fact that she had already told me about it):

Wonderful! And now folks, the moment you've all been waiting for, here's the routine:

Priceless. We'd show you some of the other girls routines, but we've run out of time. This is Sporty McCaster, signing off.


The Buffalo Airport was COMPLETELY full when my Mother arrived to collect me when I flew in today. As a result, she had to park at some crazy lot that wasn't anywhere near the actual airport and had to take a shuttle to the terminal which resulted in her being over an hour late in meeting me at baggage claim (and resulted in my being annoyed, then angry, then worried).

I was planning on filming a lot more of my trip, but Mums and I got distracted catching up. Here is a quick videos I shot on my way home to get ready for Natalie's gymnastics finals. Enjoy!

ps. I mention in this video that I am going to film the border. Never happened.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Joey B just bought me a new camera, and I am in the slow process of learning how to use it's many features. I am trying to use the editing software that came with it, but if anyone has a suggestion for a more user friendly program, please send it my way!

Moving on.

Getting Joey B up in the morning is not an enviable task. Unlike those of us who emerge from our bedrooms perky (and perfectly put together) he requires kid gloves for the first hour or so after he arises. In this sense, Soleil takes after her Papa 100%. Though she is willing to follow you around in the morning, as soon as you stop she promptly flops down onto the closest surface for a much deserved nap.

Here is a little taste of our baby girl in the morning:

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Homo Milk

My friend Cousin, in Toronto, just sent me this video. I have to admit, it was funny but pretty gross - not for the lactose intolerant.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Ross Rage

I am a huge fan of Ross "The Intern" Mathews. While my major blogging inspirations were Rosie and the Go Fug Yourself girls, I love the Ross Blog and check it often throughout the day until I see an update. Today's update had me hopping mad.

The title was "People are mad at me" and I have to say the whole post left a REALLy bad taste in my mouth - check it out for yourselves.

Ok, so here's what I think. Blogs are a really amazing things, but as they grow it becomes more and more difficult to "police" a comment section. What bothers me more than that is this sense of entitlement that these readers have. This man does not work for you! I think we may be seeing the turning point that happens with any fan base - where some of the original readers aka "Blog Buddies" actually become harsh critics. It's a well documented phenomenon.

Secondly, the saying "on the internet, no one knows you're a dog" is also interchangeable with "on the internet, no one knows you're bitter." The anonymity of the internet leads people to be rude and awful in a way that few would be able to do in person (that's why we need right-wing pundits, who are awful fearlessly).

I have actually been trying to arrange an interview with Ross for TOC for months now (via himself and his publicists) - we have been slowed up because we need to find a "Chicago angle" - so I have firsthand knowledge and let me tell you, he is a really, GENUINELY, nice guy.

The bottom line is that I don't believe that Ross had anything to apologize for - I understand that people don't want to read comments that they deem offensive, but to issue such a harsh ultimatum... well, lets just say that with fans like that, who needs enemies.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Hills are Alive

This past Monday offered a very special treat - TWO BACK-TO-BACK EPISODES of the Hills. Joey B is having computer troubles so we had to take turn watching the episodes (due to the fact that my volume only works through earphones... lame) and here is the lowdown.


First of all, LC and Whitney have returned from their sojourn in Paris and Whitney has decided that it is time to leave Teen Vogue. She takes a meeting with Lisa Love (who is surprisingly supportive) and admits that she has been offered a job by People's Republic (fashion PR firm) owner Kelly Cutrone. For those of you who don't remember, Kelly is the one who harranged and/or brow beat Lauren in Season 1 when Lisa Love asked her to get two extra passes to a fashion show People's Republic was running. (On the live after show LC admitted that - though they never showed it on camera - Kelly had made her cry that night). Let's just say that this Kelly woman would bitch slap the Devil for wearing Prada. Snap.

Anyway, after a incredibly unorthodox job interview Whitney is officially given the job. Will this be the end of Whitney's awesome reaction shots during catch up sessions in the closet? Only time will tell.

Meanwhile, the Speidi drama continues. Ms Montag has returned to LA and has told Spencer he has to move out of the apartment. But, she reveals to co-worker Kimberly (this season's Elodie) that just because she asked him to move out, and despite the fact that they aren't communicating, she definitely doesn't think Spencer will be dating other people as they aren't "broken up". Insert "foreshadowing appropriate" musical cue here.

Lauren and Audrina head out on the town and end up running into Brody and his non-sexual life partner Frankie. Lauren doesn't rise to give Brody a hug and that sets off a Brodatious hissy fit that leads to his storming out while Frankie says to Lauren (re: the new girlfriend) "I know what you're upset about, but you guys love each other so..." This guy should be a marriage counselor - or maybe he is. Does anyone actually know what Frankie does? Does anyone actually work in LA? But I digress. The best thing is this awesome "tossing" motion LC makes over her right shoulder as Brody storms out. Priceless.

The episode ends with Lauren and Whitney saying their Teen Vogue goodbyes. Lauren points out that Whitney is carrying the same bag she wore to their initial interviews TWO years before. In fashion, I believe that is referred to as a faux pas. Love it!


It's Lauren's first day back at the Fashion Institute and we are watching her in computer class. The (I'm sure very nice, but not exactly fashionable) instructor is doing roll call when one name makes Lauren's eyes open to twice their normal size, "Stephanie Pratt." For anyone unfamiliar with Ms. Pratt, she is Spencer's douchy younger sister who took it upon herself earlier this season to confront Lauren and Brody at a club (which, by my calculations, she is a full three years too young to get into). This is just another indicator that the Pratts are all batshit crazy.

Lauren looks around and Stephanie is nowhere to be seen but, before our fabulous heroine can relax, in struts Stephanie and (owing to her lateness) she is forced to take the only remaining seat in the class, one work station away from Lauren. (At this point I couldn't help muttering, out loud, "Delicious!")

Meanwhile, Whitney is in New York working a fashion show in Bryant Park. This whole sideline was not very exciting, so I am not going to re-create it, other than to say that Whitney did an awesome job and she and her boss shared the most AWKWARD on-screen hug ever. Double delicious.

News of the weird classroom cohabitation is quickly disseminated (via text) to both camps - LC to Audrina and SP to Heidi. Lauren says that she hopes this won't cause any drama.

The next day Stephanie approaches Lauren before class starts and apologizes for being such an uber byatch the last time they saw each other. Lauren very gratiously accepted the apology.

The episode ends with Spencer giving Stephanie a lecture about loyalty and whining about how he can't tell her anything because he thinks she'll either repeat it to LC or Heidi. What amazes me if that this guy has managed to alienate EVERYONE in his life, and he still has the balls to attack the only person willing to take him in. But that's Spencer to a T - class all the way.

More Hills news Tuesday...

...My Cold Dead Hand

So Charlton Heston has left us and, though it behooves me, I come to bury him, but not to sing his praises.

I have had a pretty major beef with Mr. Heston ever since the speech he made at the NRA around the time of the Million Mom March. As he stood on the stage, in front of a ravenous crowd of gun loving nut jobs and raised his rifle over his head screaming that these crazy women would have to pry the rifle out of his "cold, dead, hand" all I could think was that his speech was akin to raising his knobby middle finger at the people of Columbine, CO.

Wanting sensible gun laws is about protecting the public - and regulating the sale and possesion of handguns (whose sole function is to kill people, unlike a rifle used for HUNTING) is both sane and responsible.

As I watch the news daily, here in Chicago, to be greeted with new stories about innocent children and teenagers being injured and/or killed (both as primary targets of gang violence and as collateral damage) I am sickened to think that millions of dollars are poured into Washington every year to try and diminish and undo any limits imposed on gun ownership.

The candidates are talking about change, leadership and integrity. I hope whoever next resides in the White House has the sense, and the courage, to do what is right for the country, and it's millions of children.

*ASIDE* I just has a minor panic attack at the thought that mentioning the NRA in this post may lead to NRA-centered Google ads appearing on this site. If that is the case, please let me know as I will remove them

Back in Black

Sorry for the second extended absence, kids, but I have been battling a hell of a cough and if Prince Phillip can take some time off - so can I!

So let's catch up. I have had 2 minor celebrity sightings. The Hills are alive with the sound of gossip, and I will give you my impressions. Charlton Heston passed away yesterday and I will offer my thoughts on his career and legacy. Miss Guided is the BEST new show on TV... Let me tell you why! I have a doozy of a douche bag this week. Keep touching base throughout the evening and you will see all this and more...