Saturday, March 8, 2008

Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting

Joey B and I have been invited to Game Night at our friend Angela's house tonight. I love to play games, as does Joey B, but he doesn't always want to be my partner. I have to admit, I am competitive by nature and I really enjoy winning (but I am a VERY good sport about losing). The problem is that, during a game, I can get a little too competitive. The last time Joey B and I played Cranium, I accused him of not trying to win (which is very different from trying to lose). Let's just say he wasn't writing my name in the margin of his notebook that particular evening.

Tonight should be fun, we are bringing Cranium with us, but Angela's house is stocked with about a million games (the last time we were over there we played the Sponge Bob Square Pants version of the game of LIFE - I described it as a "soul killing" experience. I always try and convince everyone to play Trivial Pursuit (not just because the game was invented in my hometown) but because I love trivia. I have a brain that stores and retrieves useless facts at the speed of light. As a result, no one will play with me.

So far this week, Angela has said she would be ordering pizza, then it was Chinese and (last I heard) it was going to be Popeye's Chicken. I'll try to remember to take some pictures to post tomorrow. You'll be able to spot me by my look of victorious benevolence and the others by their looks of good natured defeat. I kid, I kid!

That's all for now kids, remember to share your toys and stay out of the deep end of the sandbox.


Angela said...

rumor has it that you were a two time loser last night. while someone(me)won both games. haha.

The Semp said...

For the record, the dream team of myself and Joey B came in second in the first game, and I sat out on Clue. Regardless, the Queen of the night crown goes to Angela (and Rick)!

Angela said...

Second place is first place LOSER!!!!

The Semp said...

Not when three couples are playing! You may have won Cranium, but I guess I'm first place in math!!! WHAHAHAHAHA!