Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Euro-Rage: The Hills Are Alive

They're baaaack!

I apologize for the long silence, kids, I was suffering from the mother of all colds. After much rest, plenty of liquids and tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwiches I feel like myself again, and the rage is boiling up. I will be doing a DB of the week tomorrow, as well as Friday, to make up for last week's.

First of all, Joey B's best friend Kim is here visiting us from lovely Southern California and we have whipped ourselves into a frenzy - watching the first and second season to get us ramped up for the bonus episodes of season three.

Last night we went out to Tank Sushi in Lincoln Square and then off to Sidetracks for Showtunes Monday. It was, as always, a wonderful time. Jason Fab joined us for drinks and we spent some time deciding what each of our signature musicals would be. I will not reveal the results, in order to protect the innocent... and the tone deaf. We then returned home to watch the ongoing adventures of LC et al on MTV.com.

As I have always said, the most interesting part of the hills is that nothing really happens, but we remain mesmerized. In fact, some stuff happens, but much less than was promised by the "extended trailer" teaser. First off, LC is squired around Paris by a young French man, but there is ne pas de romance. The most dramatic occurence for LC and Whitney was when Lauren accidentally burned her COUTURE loaner dress for the debutante ball with a curling iron. LC lost her shit, but Whitney (to the rescue) called the designer and arranged for a different dress. Love that girl!

Meanwhile in Speidiville, Ms. Montag had returned home to Colorado following a heinous fight with Spencer and was trying to figure out what to do about their car crash... I mean, relationship. Spencer, true to form, wouldn't allow her an inch of space and jumped on a plane to surprise her. I was actually impressed with the cold shoulder she gave him, except that I know - due to their constant media whoredom, that she eventually relented. Still, the looks her parents gave him were priceless. Such on that!

Looks like the next few weeks are going to involve more break-up/reconciliation drama and *shocker* a visit to the Conrad/Partridge pad by Ms Montag herself, which makes Lauren FURIOUS when she finds out. That's all for now kids, more on events in The Hills Universe as they develop.

To watch last night's episode, click here.

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