Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Euro-Rage: Countdown to Paris

Five days and counting, kids, until the return of The Hills on MTV. I am actually surprised at how excited I am. The show is oddly compelling, despite the fact that not a lot of stuff actually happens (and what does occur often feels slightly staged). I usually don't watch the show week to week so either I'll catch the latest episode on or I'll wait and buy the DVDs. The great thing with the show on DVD is that it's soooo addictive. Joey B and I will sit down to watch one or two episodes and instead watch the entire season. It happens. (that is the main reason why I am including the first 2 season DVD sets in Angela B's recovery package - the girls will keep her entertained as she convalesces).

When we last left LC, she had just learned that the Teen Vogue ball at Fashion week needed some extra help and that she would be accompanying Whitney to Paris. C'est Fabuleux! Looks like the action is going to move along pretty quickly. Here's a little taste of the new episode, airing on Monday the 24th. I can't wait.

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