Thursday, March 6, 2008

Taking care of baby...

So Joey B is riding a massive hangover and I, being a dutiful (if slightly self-absorbed) boyfriend have been taking care of him since I got home from work. This is a rundown of my evening:
  • Returned home bearing the sure-fire hangover cure - a cheese burger from "What's the Beef". Joey B eats with relish.
  • (insert lapse of 30 minutes) Joey B throws up said cure
  • Joey B is instructed by loving caretaker to take some Gravol - as this will surely settle his stomach. Joey B is instructed on exactly where the Gravol is located in the medicine cabinet.
  • (insert lapse of 30 minutes) following an inquiry as to whether the Gravol is working it is ascertained that Joey B was not able to locate said anti-nausea medication.
  • (insert lapse of 1 minute) Gravol is located exactly where it should be. Loving caretaker brings pill and glass of water.
  • Dinner is ordered from Thai Oscar. Joey B does not vomit. Progress.
  • Joey B's new computer is delivered. Loving caretaker sets up wireless router and provides speakers, keyboard and mouse to ailing bf.
  • Celebrity Apprentice (YAWN) and Lipstick Jungle (YUM) are viewed and parsed.
  • Loving caretaker tucks ailing bf into bed and proceeds to write a lame time-line instead of an actual post due to complete exhaustion. Apologies tendered.

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