Monday, March 10, 2008

This Bitch is Crazy

So US Rep. Sally Kerns was secretly recorded during a speech at a Republican gathering stating that she felt the "gay lifestyle" was more dangerous than Terrorism or Islam. The speech was then posted on and features people holding signs that say "I am listening..." Kerns refused to apologize for the comments because she felt she can say anything she wants due to her right to free speech. And I agree, up to a point.

I believe that her right to say she doesn't like gays is equal to my right to say she is a fat, ugly, ignorant hillbilly who was obviously raised believing that "judge not, lest ye be judged" didn't apply to her opinions or her outfits. The speech that she made (I have posted it below) is full of lies and slander designed to scare her audience - implying that gays are recruiting children in schools as young as 2 years old (btw, what 2 year old goes to school???).

This is not free speech, my friends, that is hate-mongering. There are people who believe that Jews are secretly trying to take over the world, or that African Americans are all involved in gangs, but they are not given the same platform to pronounce their "crazy" as the hypocritical right-wing a**holes in congress, who will protect their right to make homophobic slurs with all the power they have. Without people like me to demonize, their constituents may actually begin paying attention to the state of this country. One should not be able to use a public platform to say such ignortant things - there is obviously no evidence to support the right's assertion that there is a "gay agenda" which revolves around "recruiting" others into their "godless" lifestyle. Please. If there was a Gay Mafia we would have relegated this wacko bitch to a "bigot make-over" show on Bravo. There was a time when antisemitism and racism were bandied about in the national press and no one batted an eye. Those days are long gone.

Here's what I suggest we do - stick Kerns and Senator Craig in a mens room stall. They can talk all they want about those godless homosexuals, and we know we wouldn't have to worry about either succumbing to the temptations of the flesh - we all know that Craig likes his women a little younger... and with a penis.

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The Best Friend said...

No civilization that embraced the gay lifestyle completely last more then a couple decades. I guess the mystery is solved, we now know what happened to the Aztecs.

Oooooooklahoma, where the bigots come sweeping down the plains.

Most scary part of all this is that she was a teacher. Perhaps she was the recruiting the 2 year child prodigies.