Sunday, March 9, 2008

Rage at 3am

I try to never miss an episode of SNL. My devotion to the show dates back to when I was still "too young" (thanks, Mom) to stay up to watch it and had resort to programming the VCR and poring over the show while enjoying my cheerios Sunday morning. True, it is rarely hilarious, and certainly lacks consistency all the way through, but I find it comforting.

Last night, as we were wrapping up Game Night at Angela's, we turned the TV on just in time for the show's opening - a cutesy Wicked homage featuring Amy Adams and Kristen Wiig singing "What is This Feeling (loathing)". While it is remarkable that they look so much alike, they stuck to the original lyrics and it wasn't exactly a stellar performance. And I was completely distracted by a man (woman?... evil elf?) in the background with long black hair and a sparkling outfit playing the tambourine. He/she/it kept popping in and out of the frame. Did anyone else notice?

But I digress, the show started with a parody commercial of the now infamous, "Phone Call at 3am" ad and, while I thought it was funny, Angela was not amused. I figured, fair is fair, so I'm posting the video below so you kids can make up your own minds. This is, after all, a Democracy.


Angela said...

I was somewhat amused however... isn't SNL supposed to be funny? When it did became the I "heart" Hillary hour? But then again I SNL hasn't been truly funny in awhile. I say less politics more stupidty!!!!!

The Best Friend said...

It's 3am and I'm striking fear into the hearts of voting and TV viewing Americans.(As well as Canadians watching US TV feeds). SNL stopped being funny sometime during the mid 90's. Have you noticed that less and less SNL cast members are branching out?

At 3am I was not casting my fear net or watching SNL. I was cleaning red wine vomit off of my toilet and bathroom floor. Why is it that the smallest people always barf the most?

ian said...|widget|NBC%20Video&__source=nbc|widget|NBC%20Video#mea=227155
check out this video paul. it is so hilar.
if it is a real show i need to know

The Semp said...

I wish it was a real show, you hot tranny mess - but sadly, no.