Monday, November 10, 2008

Just Asking...

One of my favorite guilty pleasures is the New York Post's seminal column, Page Six. Alongside all the delicious dish, they run blind items under the heading "Just Asking". It was a blind item about a politician who was spending a lot of time in New York that first busted John Edwards for his ongoing affair, and ruined his chances, not only for the Presidency, but also for a cabinet post. Who cheats on his terminally Ill wife?

But I digress, I have decided - having called the Edwards report - to create a just asking pool. Check out today's column (below) and let me know who you think they're talking about? I'll make a note of it and, down the line if it turns out you're right, I'll give you a cyber shout out. Who knows, there may even be prizes involved. So hit me with your best shot:


WHICH wife of a top Lehman executive went on a $132,000 shopping spree at the Americana Manhasset Mall the day after her hubby filed for bankruptcy? . . . WHICH skirt-chasing Euro-billionaire tried to share the bathroom at Rose Bar with a young businesswoman who rejected his offer to perform a disgusting act? . . . WHICH hot downtown eatery employs a manager who's notorious for hiring and promoting women she can sleep with, despite the fact she's "married" to another woman?

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