Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Who Gave This Guy a Show?

It's too early in the week for the official douche bag posting, but I thought I would bend the rules a little because, well, this needs to be said.

As you may or may not know, I've studied both group and individual counseling, and actually worked as a Social Service worker for a few years. I know that real change is hard won, and that the process is long and arduous. In the television world people get to have "AHA moments" thanks to Oprah, but gaining insight is not the same thing as committing to changing ones life (though it is a good start).

I have cringed watching an "expert" like Dr. Phil brow-beat his guests and wondered how anyone believes this could make their lives better. And don't even get me started on the insanity called the "Jerry Springer Show." But, even combined, they are nothing compared to the new kid on the block - Steve Wilkos.

His MO is inviting guests on and then screaming at, and bullying, them (not a big stretch for a former Marine and Chicago Police Officer) but I wonder what it's really supposed to accomplish. Especially when dealing with men who abuse and intimidate their wives, Wilkos goes after them, towers above them and screams in their faces. How is this going to protect the very vulnerable wives and girlfriends once the show if over? The fact is that Wilkos has basically confirmed everything that these men believe to be true, control through intimidation and you can make others do what you want them to. Check it out:

He even does a segment where he answers viewer emails and then responds (to anyone who objects to his manner) by suggesting (sarcastically) that he give everyone hugs instead and then suggests sending pedophiles over to the viewers house so that they can get the comfort he refuses to give them. Seriously. And he gets paid for it.

Wilkos cut his teeth at the aforementioned Jerry Springer Show as the Chief of Security and an occasional sub for the King of Crap himself. Basically, during his tenure with TJSS, it was his job to intimidate people, and stop them from fighting (though not before letting them get some good jabs in, for the sake of the viewing audience).

I'm not sure what the ratings are for his crap-ta-cular bullyfest but I'm hoping, that in this day and age, viewers are smart enough not to reward a stupid bully with respect and a following. That's how wars get started.

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