Sunday, February 24, 2008

My Brother Lies Over The Ocean

So, as most everyone knows, my brother Ian is living in the UK for 2 years and I miss him terribly. The fact that I have been in Chicago for over three has kind of helped because I wasn't used to seeing him all the time (though I do get home to visit every other month and we would hang out then) . Here's a picture of him, holding Soleil, from our (mine and Joey B's) "Hats & Moustaches" party this past August:

We keep in touch, mostly via trans-Atlantic text messages like these (syntax intact):

Ian UK Mobile: Matthew, is mean. Call and yell at him.

rage-a-holic: seriously?

Ian UK Mobile: No. Just teasin. Matthew is nice.

rage-a-holic: Check out my blog. I just posted my inaugural douche bag of the week post.


Ian UK Mobile: Paul, how is your day going? I just got back from the pub.


Ian UK Mobile: Why do boys come over to yours and play with your toys?

rage-a-holic: Isn't it the middle of the afternoon there?


Ian UK Mobile: I just heard there was a big fire toronto. boo.


rage-a-holic: Did you read my blog?

Ian UK Mobile: Yes. I liked the hillary one best. Who will be your next target?

rage-a-holic: Not sure. Suggestions?

Ian UK Mobile: Nope.


Ian UK Mobile: shopping is like work. So are boys

rage-a-holic: True. But when you find something that fits perfectly its worth all the hassle.

Ian UK Mobile: I don't think matthew is a fit.

rage-a-holic: Good to know. Plenty of fish in the Thames.

It's pretty amazing to think that we are able to update each other on the goings on in our lives. It's a brave new world my friends. That reminds me, I better send him a text and ask if he minds that I've reproduced our texts. Bye for now.

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