Thursday, February 28, 2008

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

A friend of mine is going through a heinous break-up right now. Angry texts, MySpace deletions, maintaining diplomatic relations to secure the return of books lent - it's a mess. The funny thing is, she isn't breaking up with her boyfriend - she's parting company with her best friend.

There have been times when Janie and I, especially during our adolescence and early twenties, would end up in these big arguments that drew our entire circle of friends in and could last weeks. Pauli-G and I had one huge (though very civilized) rift in our long friendship, but believe me, that one was enough. I look back with a chuckle now, but at the time they were incredibly traumatic.

In many cases your best friend knows more about you than anyone. They know all your secrets, your crazy family stories, the ins and outs of your relationship (even what's going on in the bedroom). The worst part about losing your best friend is that the only one who could make you feel better about the break-up is the one causing it. The bottom line is that ending a relationship, no matter who it's with, super sucks.

I know I'm definitely not alone on this one - I'm sure everyone has fought with their best friend at least once. Did she kiss your boyfriend? Did he steal your Barbies? Is it water under the bridge, or are you still plotting revenge? Go to the comment section below and share your "break-up" story. You'll be glad you did.


Angela said...

It's like you read my mind Paul. I find your blog to be both amusing and informative.

Anonymous said...

One of my childhood friends, in retrospect, was quite certainly a sociopath. She would mastermind disturbing plans involving stealing significant numbers of toys from other children, collecting money for "charity" door-to-door and spending the money on candy, and three-way phone conversations wherein she would get you to admit something bad about someone else who, hilariously to her, would hear it while waiting silently on the line.

After the second charity heist (for "cancer" nonetheless) I was involved in at about age 10, I knew this had to end. I just stopped talking to her cold turkey. For a long period of time, I received awfully mean prank calls- most of them involving boys calling me a "dog" (sociopath put her friends up to this).

I never regretted my breakup decision for a moment despite the trauma and drama! Now she's my facebook friend. Weird right?