Friday, February 29, 2008

Douche Bag of the Week - Feb 29

For a pop culture blog, I have been leaning pretty heavily on the politics for the past month - partly because I think this is a really pivotal time in this countries history, but mostly because it amuses me. Which brings me to this weeks Douche bag - the incredibly old (and proudly sanctimonious) Ralph Nader.

Seriously, Nader, a word of advice. If you can create a map of the United States by connecting your liver spots, you shouldn't be leading said nation. I understand your passions, and completely agree with your assessment that Al Gore had the election, "stolen from him ... by the [Florida] Secretary of State and Jeb Bush" and the US Supreme Court. But we can't lose sight of the fact that it was your candidacy that split the vote and lead to such a close race in the first place.

I was at a Billy Bragg concert with (my fabulous former faux fiance) Olivia in the Summer before the 2000 election and between songs Bragg began speaking about the up-coming election. In response to a "Yeah, NADER!" from the audience Billy Boy got really serious and said that this election was incredibly important and it was not the time to split the left, or attempt to re-make American politics. I agreed with him then, and I certainly do now.

I respect the earnestness of Nader's belief that it's time for a big change in the way Washington is run but leave the running to a woman, or an African American. It's about time.

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