Friday, July 11, 2008

My Brain Hurts

Friday night we (being Joey B, Vix and myself) decided to stay home and force the world to come to us. How did we accomplish this? We set a trap with Cranium as the bait. We managed to rope in Jason Fab and a couple of Vix's friends - Ryan & Caroline.

Due to my tendency to be very (though charmingly) competitive Joey B has a long standing rule where he will not be on my team. As a result, I played the first game partnered with Vix and the second with Jason Fab. I won the first and lost the second (in a dismal third place finish). Regardless of the outcomes, we had an amazing time.

On one particular turn, Joey B created the fabulous sculpture below. If you think you know what the answer is, enter your guess in the comment section below. The correct answer will win two $30 gift certificate to Blue Jean bar in Chicago. (click photo to enlarge)

After our guest made their way home, there was the craziest storm yet here in the Midwest. There was psychotic thunder and lightening and, following a particularly bright strike and a window shaking roll of thunder, Vix and I looked at each other and just knew that lightening had struck in the neighborhood. Once the worst of the storm had passed, we headed out into the street to determine what damage had been done. This is what we found:

This tree was struck by lightening, split into three pieces and fell across Wilson ave. It was really
cool, though I did feel really, really bad for the owner of the grey sedan. Afterwards, Vix and I walked to the bridge over the Chicago river and watched the fireflies and the moon reflected in the water. Then we made our way home and listened to music on Vix's laptop by candlelight until the power came back on.
It's amazing how candlelight totally changes the way your home looks and feels. I totally recommend trying it for yourself - the storm and power failure are, of course, optional.