Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Bitch is Back!!!

The new spin-off of Beverly Hills 90210, "90210" should have all of the things I love in a TV show. Fashion, melodrama and a decent soundtrack but, after seeing the leaked pitch reel online, I think I may not be able to stomach it.

First off, the clothes are approaching California cliche - they look like the cast-offs from the OC season 2 wrap party and the actors have absolutely nothing interesting to say about their characters. All in all, I would say that the show warrants a pass - and yet today... something changed my mind.

According to the AP, Shannen Doherty is going to be reprising her role as Brenda Walsh over multiple episodes when 90210 premieres September 2nd on the CW. Apparently, Brenda is now a very famous director who is going to be overseeing a high school play at her old alma mater and... I can WAIT! I love me some Shannen D. I loved her in the original - "Never talk to me again!" - , I loved her on Charmed, I even watched her show (on Lifetime? Oxygen?) where she helped people break up with their loser partners. Full disclosure - I think she's Divine.

The new cast has already stirred the pot (with CW producers rubbing their hands together with conspiratorial glee) speculating that Shannen and Jennie Garth (also reprising her role) will have some sort of on-set smack down like they did back in the old days. I seriously doubt that it could happen, because I believe deeply that Shannen has grown as a person and would never behave that way, and also because - let's face it - Ms. Doherty could use the gig.

If you're planning on giving the new show a pass - I don't blame you - but rest assured, I will take a bullet for the team, watch the premiere and report back. I am the first to admit that a little Shannen goes a long way, but I totally up for the ride.

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