Wednesday, May 14, 2008

On the Town

Tonight I attended an after work cocktail party. thrown by WHERE magazine, at the Hard Rock Cafe Downtown. Joey B couldn't attend, due to a fashion show he was working on (more on that later) so Joe O agreed to accompany me. We were a little late getting to the party because a work snafu had delayed Joe and by the time we arrived and checked in... well, let's just say that we both really needed a drink.

The margaritas were delicious (they were also offering complimentary Corona's but we didn't partake) and after resisting for a good 20 - 30 minutes, we ended up sampling the delicious spread they had laid our for the party goers . The quesadillas were tasty, but while we were schmoozing an overzealous waiter cleared our plates so we didn't get to finish them.

From there we headed to Sura Thai Bistro for "Project Lake View East" (PLVE) a fashion show organized by the East Lakeview Chamber of Commerce. Sura was a great choice for the show because of the very hip decor but the execution could have used a little work. Joe O and I, arriving late, were not able to get to our seats so had to stand (along with some 30 other ticketholders) at the opening to the lounge area where the models were walking along the large rectangle that composes the back room. As a result, we saw absolutely nothing of the show itself. I did catch a glimpse of one model through the screen of large concentric circles hanging at the end of the bar, but that was it.

The restaurant was offering cucumber martinis (which I enjoyed well enough, but Joey B and I both agreed that it needed a little something to make it delicious - we recommend cranberry juice) and passed hors d'oeuvres furnished by Sura's kitchen - delicious.

The show was overseen by the talented Chance Woodward, who asked Joey B to help with styling the models and sending them out. He was the show's "Whitney" and if you don't get the Hills reference... well, I can't help you.

Joey B, Joe O and I all had to work early in the morning so we left at around 10 and headed home. All told, it was a fabulous night, but the real lesson is that being fashionably late sometimes means you don't get to see the fashion.

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