Sunday, April 6, 2008

...My Cold Dead Hand

So Charlton Heston has left us and, though it behooves me, I come to bury him, but not to sing his praises.

I have had a pretty major beef with Mr. Heston ever since the speech he made at the NRA around the time of the Million Mom March. As he stood on the stage, in front of a ravenous crowd of gun loving nut jobs and raised his rifle over his head screaming that these crazy women would have to pry the rifle out of his "cold, dead, hand" all I could think was that his speech was akin to raising his knobby middle finger at the people of Columbine, CO.

Wanting sensible gun laws is about protecting the public - and regulating the sale and possesion of handguns (whose sole function is to kill people, unlike a rifle used for HUNTING) is both sane and responsible.

As I watch the news daily, here in Chicago, to be greeted with new stories about innocent children and teenagers being injured and/or killed (both as primary targets of gang violence and as collateral damage) I am sickened to think that millions of dollars are poured into Washington every year to try and diminish and undo any limits imposed on gun ownership.

The candidates are talking about change, leadership and integrity. I hope whoever next resides in the White House has the sense, and the courage, to do what is right for the country, and it's millions of children.

*ASIDE* I just has a minor panic attack at the thought that mentioning the NRA in this post may lead to NRA-centered Google ads appearing on this site. If that is the case, please let me know as I will remove them

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