Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hillraisers Invade Indiana

Last night, Joe O and I drove to East Chicago, Indiana to attend a Hillary Clinton rally. The time-line for the event was 5 - 8 pm but, wanting to ensure proper placement, we left Chicago at a little after three. Once we arrived and found parking we had to "sign in" at the event and then stand in 1 of 2 lines, waiting for the doors to open (as the sky darkened ominously).
With nothing else to do but stand around Joe and I began scanning the crowd for cute boys. Joe was fond of this one in particular:

Eventually the line began moving and we made our way inside. One of the event coordinators told me that we'd have the best view of her, not on the floor, but in the stands. This would have been true if they hadn't handed out a trillion Hillary for President signs that everyone held up (blocking my camera) everytime she turned in our direction. But I digress.

Once we took our seats we had a lot of time to kill, so I thought I'd take a chance to do some style commentary, for those of you not familiar with the people of Indiana.
I had to zoom in from across the room, so I'm not sure if you get the full appeal of this lady's outfit. It was a gold, sequined and may have been responsible for three reported cases of temporary blindness experienced in her area. We figured that she thought she was attending a Neil Diamond concert.

This dude was sporting, what I can only assume, is an Indiana metrosexual outfit. A dress shirt, tie (and even cuff-links) paired with black jeans and awful shoes. The true Metro sign is the strong evidence of tanning bed exposure.

This guy was my personal favorite. I actually loved the shirt/suspender combo. He lost me on the camo hat but he was so adorable that I had to forgive him. My affection may have something to do with the fact that he looked like Bubbles from "Trailer Park Boys".

Finally, at little after 8, Hillary arrived and spoke for 30 minutes about the current state of this country and why the people of America should "hire" her to lead them. My favorite line was when she said that "some people don't want a return to the Clinton years" and she said, "what exactly did you have a problem with? The peace or the prosperity?" Check out this short movie I made, and please visit the official Hillary Clinton website for more information about her campaign and how you can help.

I truly believe this to be one of the most important elections in US history. You may not agree with me politically, but however you feel, please get active, get registered and vote this fall... unless you're a republican.

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