Thursday, March 7, 2013

Going Solo

In the time since Joey B and I have parted ways (romantically) I have rediscovered all the reasons why I love being single.  I enjoy doing what I want, when I want.  I enjoy not being accountable for how I spend my time. I enjoy not having to compete for the remote/DVR.

I understand that these reasons are fundamentally selfish, and maybe don't paint me in the best possible light, but I'm trying to make a point here. The truth is that 95% of the time I love being single, and am not in any hurry to change my relationship status.  The other 5% of the time, however, is getting rough.

I miss having a default plus one for weddings, functions, happenings and hootenannies. I miss impromptu dinners and lunches at new restaurants.  I miss having someone to mock the crazy Drag Race queens with.

Even when I was single, in the past, I always had Ianovitch or TwoPaul as my wing man - or Janie, or Kumar or Joe O.  The reality is that, being single in your mid-30s is very, very different than being single in your mid-20s, in that the number of single versus committed people in my life have reversed polarities.

Although I know a large number of people, and am very lucky to have many close friends, I have always focused most of my downtime on one or two "besties" who I do almost everything with.  Unfortunately none of them live in Chicago.

Also, most people don't have huge amount of unstructured time - another luxury of ones mid-20s. When Mitt-man lived with me in Chicago, part-time, it was like rediscovering the old days - minus playing Pokemon Puzzle for hours at a time.  We were more likely to have a beer or two on the deck.

I guess the bottom line is that, on rare occasions, I get lonely.  This is very new for me, and an embarrassing confession - even if it's only 5% of the time.

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