Friday, October 3, 2008


Dear Gov Wink,

I was not fooled for one second by your manic folksiness and arrogant (was it an attempt at joviality?) pronouncement that you were only going to answer the questions you wanted to at last night's debate. Here's the only problem, you really didn't answer any at all. You spouted opinions written by a team of republican talking-point monkeys with a emptiness behind your eyes not seen since Cindy McCain's "painkiller period".

It's bad enough that we have had to endure a President who is nothing more than a puppet for Darth Cheney, now you, and McCain for that matter, have sold your souls to Karl Rove's apprentice. Are you really that ambitious?

Here's the problem with that spectacle last night, though you were able to, adequately, answer the questions by essentially not answering them (but in carefully prepared talking points) you were not actually present at the debate. When Senator Biden was talking about sitting up at night not knowing whether his young son would see the morning you responded with a comment about how John McCain is a maverick. What the eff does that have to do with anything?

Take my advice, go back to Alaska. Travel. See the world and it's people. Learn legitimately about the subjects that you spoke of last night. You've already proven you're a quick study, now take the time to form an opinion. Of your own.

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